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Delivering Mission Critical Fabrications & Assemblies to Industry.........for 50 years.

Welcome to Denis Ferranti Welding & Fabrication

Denis Ferranti Welding & Fabrication is the new name for Denis Ferranti Laminations. We are a member of the Denis Ferranti Group, a full service engineering subcontractor. Denis Ferranti Welding & Fabrication has over 50 years experience in providing a comprehensive range of MIG welding, TIG welding, brazing, soldering, pressing, bending, forming, fabrication & assembly services.

We have wide experience in the production of specialized electromechanical machines; armament fabrications & assemblies; military vehicle components; metal cabinets & enclosures; stillages; security barriers & street furniture; materials handling tugs and cash handling equipment.


We have special expertise in the production of metal fittings & furniture for the railway industry. Our products include fly screens, waste bins, tables and other containers.

To find out more about our processes, please read our dedicated Welding & Fabrications Capability page.


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